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27 Unbelievable Yearbook Photos Of Celebs

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Looking at photos of our younger selves can be brutal. From looking horrific to just plain embarrassing, we’d rather they all just disappear. Celebs are no exception, and here are 27 of them to make you feel better.

George Clooney


Our only question is how this photo ever saw the light of day. Maybe Clooney keeps it around to make sure he never forgets where he came from; it can also serve as inspiration for the rest of us. Looking at this transformation, anything is possible for anyone. Amen.

January Jones


Well, January was a late bloomer indeed, and we’re talking about her beauty. But several years, a bit of definition, and a whole lot of orthodontics, and look at what she became! We’re pretty sure she is simply thrilled nowadays to have her braces off.

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