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When a celebrity dies, by sudden tragedy or through nature’s course, the public is commonly fascinated and demands to know every last detail. Here we will reveal their final words before they died…  Read on to find out the amazing last words of Prince, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, James Dean, James Brown, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, and Marvin Gaye. Rest In Peace!

Frank Sinatra


After saying, “I’m losing it,”crooner Frank Sinatra died of a heart attack. The legend known as Ol’ Blue Eyes passed away in Los Angeles, California.

Which show is television’s funniest? Some people love the blood and drama found in many fabulous programs over the years, but many just want to tune in to get a good laugh and relax. There have been numerous TV series which have provided us humans some comic relief, but there can only be 10 best, and we have them here for you. Here’s to being funny!

10. Friends


This 1990s hit ran for 10 seasons and spawned amongst other things the Rachel haircut and some record paychecks. A relatively innocent take on a group of friends living next to each other in posh New York City and who seemed to have a lot of time to hang out in a coffee shop, Friends was that feel-good show people loved to watch because it made them feel good. And it made them laugh!

3D Printing has truly changed the world. It’s cheaper, easier and far more diverse than anything we have ever known. The wonders of the 3D printer seem to know no bounds, as it seems no aspect of our lives remains untouched. This short list shows just a fraction of what this marvel can do.

1. Prosthetic Legs for Dogs


Brandon & Brenda Walsh, Dylan Mckay, Kelly Taylor, “Donna Martin graduate”. Ah, sweet nostalgia. The world became enamored with the Beverly Hills 90210 series back in the 90s, with everyone having their fav character they followed from one episode to another. But what has happened to these cult personas? Get caught up with the cast below and find out where you can see them now.

Shannen Doherty


Oh Shannen. Starting out in the cult film Heathers, Doherty was a lead in the 90210 series until getting fired in 1994 for being too much of a diva. She was then fired from Charmed for issues with co-star Alyssa Milano on that series. Two marriages, a few bad checks, some time for a DUI, and one noteworthy spread in Playboy later, and this not-so-charming babe was the first to be booted from the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars. Now with her third husband, celeb photographer, Kurt Iswarienko, we wish her a happy and lower-profile life.

Hollywood couples are glamorous and oh-so-happy; they are almost an industry in and of themselves with the number of people following their every move and paparazzi snapping shots. The 10 which are currently the coolest of the cool are right here for you to check out and admire. So take a look and say awwww.

10. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard


Depp has been with Kate Moss, has two children with Vanessa Paradis, and is now married to Amber Heard whom he wed this past February at his private island in the Bahamas. Having met Depp on the set of The Rum Diary, Amber had told Teen Vogue in 2009 that playing Depp’s love interest was “the best experience of my life.” And now she is a bit more than just an “interest.” A very beautiful couple even if a young one; we hope it lasts.

Having a pet can be a huge responsibility, but it’s also a great pleasure. Having a HUGE pet might seem even harder, yet the benefits are definitely bigger. We always preferred big dogs over small ones, and the following images show exactly why that is. Enjoy these absolutely heart melting images!

1. Who Needs A Blanket (Or A Boyfriend) When You Have An Irish Wolfhound?


Death is a horrible affair. Death of those who are young can be even worse for obvious reasons. And when those who have so much talent end up dying both far too young and for seemingly unnecessary reasons, death turns truly tragic. Here we have 25 stars who fall into this last category. And we miss their music and movies still each and every day.

Heath Ledger


At the young age of 28 Heath was found unconscious in his apartment by his masseuse Diana Wolozin in 2008. The cause of death has been stated to be accidental overdose of prescription drugs. The star was set to release The Dark Knight and received a posthumous Oscar for his role as the Joker in the film. According to People magazine, Wolozin came under fire for calling Heath’s supposed girlfriend at the time, Mary-Kate Olsen, before dialing 911.

There are way too many apps out there nowadays that it can be impossible to pick anything worthwhile (or to just pass the time for that matter). So why not go for one inspired by your favorite celeb? We have here 10 great ideas from world-renowned stars in their given field, and one is sure to catch your fancy. There are even three which may teach you a thing or two. Dinner anyone?

Kiss Justin Bieber


How many girls out there want to kiss Justin Bieber? Gazillions. And how many actually get to? Yeah, very few. So, here is the perfect app which allows girls everywhere to smooch the Canadian heartthrob while on a virtual vaca at a holiday resort. The app is free on iOS as well as Android, but the needed relationship tokens are not. This is definitely one app sure to face serious user overload!

There are a handful of actors who consistently put in Oscar-worthy performances and always a newcomer here and there. And then there is the moment some actors get, once in their lifetime, where the role and their portrayal was just right and they land the coveted statue. But there are some famous actors who never seem to have luck on their side despite some memorable movies. Here is our list of top 10 talents who the Academy simply does not want to recognize.

10. Hugh Grant


Hugh Grant brings humor to the rom-com genre like nobody else, and who doesn’t need and appreciate some light moments in the midst of all that drama? Hugh Grant is the actor who makes us laugh right when we are about to cry. With impeccable timing in all his roles, no doubt he was most robbed for not even being nominated for his performance in 1994’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, itself nominated for Best Picture.