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Top 10 Candidates To Break The Internet In 2016!

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People like to surf the net more than ever, and there are particular celebs which consistently draw surfers’ attention with their wild lives and crazy posts. There have been some who have already “broken” the net, and we’re looking for those who are most likely to do so in 2016. So check out our list of these scandal-topping stars and search-worthy individuals, because we are certain these 10 will be breaking the net sometime soon.


2 beyonce

Beyoncé pretty much rules the world, at least the world wide web! With her name searched on Google 5 million times a month, this Grammy-winning, platinum-selling artist, style icon, and business mogul has many reasons to break the net in the coming year. Married to Jay Z and mom to Blue Ivy, could you imagine the craze were she and Jay Z to break up?! A Bey-Jay break up. Wow, now that would be news.