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The 8 Most Incredible Rumors Going Viral Now

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Rumors have long been around and a manner of entertainment for folk the world over. But with the advent of the web, it is very fair to say that rumors have never spread so fast and far as they do today. Here are 8 astounding tales some little spiders have been weaving all over the web, and apparently some may bear a bit or two of truth. Only time will tell.

The Obamas – Trouble In Paradise


Reports have been spreading like wildfire that Michelle is ready to file for divorce! Among many recent issues, one rumor states that Michelle caught Obama flirting with an engaged woman at a voting booth in Chicago. The woman’s fiancé allegedly told the President, “Don’t touch my girlfriend.” Obama was in disbelief at the situation, but Michelle was not amused. Many seem to think the power couple may be divorcing as soon as Obama leaves office and that financial arguments have also been a source of discord.