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The Stars Of 90210: Where Are They Today?

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Brandon & Brenda Walsh, Dylan Mckay, Kelly Taylor, “Donna Martin graduate”. Ah, sweet nostalgia. The world became enamored with the Beverly Hills 90210 series back in the 90s, with everyone having their fav character they followed from one episode to another. But what has happened to these cult personas? Get caught up with the cast below and find out where you can see them now.

Shannen Doherty


Oh Shannen. Starting out in the cult film Heathers, Doherty was a lead in the 90210 series until getting fired in 1994 for being too much of a diva. She was then fired from Charmed for issues with co-star Alyssa Milano on that series. Two marriages, a few bad checks, some time for a DUI, and one noteworthy spread in Playboy later, and this not-so-charming babe was the first to be booted from the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars. Now with her third husband, celeb photographer, Kurt Iswarienko, we wish her a happy and lower-profile life.