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Top 10 Stunning “It” Girls Under 25

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Hollywood is always moving on to the next big thing, and that definitely includes the next “it” babe! Youth is still an absolute advantage in the world of entertainment, especially if you are trying to get noticed. So here are 10 of the ultimate beauties we found who are taking the world by storm, and each one is sure to be a next big, big thing!

Keke Palmer

1 keke palmer

At 22 years old, Keke has a strong sense of where she’s going. “For me, it’s about coming into my own as I reach this point in my life, it’s about understanding that I can make my own choices; my body, my career, my lifestyle…,” the star of True Jackson, VP states. Making $20,000 per episode of that show, Keke has also this year released her single, I Don’t Belong to You.