Best Places to Visit in Hermitage Pennsylvania

Hermitage is a city in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh and 67 miles southeast of Cleveland. The city has a population of 16,230 as of the 2020 census, and is part of the Youngstown-Warren metropolitan area.

Hillcrest Memorial Park

Founded in 2012, Hillcrest Memorial Park honors the lives of those who died in the Iran Hostage Crisis. Its 12-foot tall monument contains the names of over 7,000 servicemen who lost their lives during the crisis. The park also contains a statue that honors the eight servicemen who were killed during the crisis.

Hillcrest Memorial Park has patriotic symbols throughout and is known for having a high concentration of veterans interred on its grounds. It also offers nearly every type of burial option available in the country, from green burials to cremation. There is even a pet cemetery on the grounds for those who wish to memorialize their pet. Hillcrest Memorial Park also has an extensive web presence and works with many organizations to share archival and genealogical information online.

Hillcrest Memorial Park is also home to the Avenue of 444 Flags, which was built in memory of the American Embassy hostage crisis in Iran. During this time, the American Embassy in Tehran was overrun by Iranians, capturing 52 Americans. Tom Flynn, the owner of Hillcrest Memorial Park, decided to honor those lost in the crisis by raising a new American flag each day until the hostages were freed.

Greenville’s Canal Museum

If you’re looking for a unique, historical place to visit in Historic Hermitage, Pennsylvania, then Greenville’s Canal Museum is the place for you. This museum celebrates the history of the Erie Canal and displays canal artifacts dating back to the mid-19th century. It also houses a complete replica canal boat. While it’s only open on weekends, the Museum also features a gift shop and rents out a caboose for kids’ parties.

The town of Greenville is nestled along the Shenango River, just east of the Ohio border. Its canals once served as a transportation hub for rail freight. Today, there are many attractions in this town, including the 0-10-2 steam switch engine No. 604, the last remaining one of the line.

The Greenville Canal Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the Erie Extension Canal. The canal provided an important travel route from Pittsburgh to the Great Lakes, and helped boost the iron industry in western Pennsylvania. The museum contains a variety of canal artifacts, as well as a replica canal boat named Rufus S. Reed. The museum is located on Alan Avenue, near Lock No. 22.

In addition to the canal museum, the town is also home to the Railroad Park and Museum, which displays old railroad equipment. The park also houses the last 0-10-2 “Union” steam locomotive. The park also hosts Heritage Days every first weekend of July, which includes a fireworks show, crafters, and historical reenactments. In addition, the Waugh House, the oldest brick house in Greenville, was built in 1826. During World War II, the town was the headquarters of the Greenville Steel Car Co., which now makes railroad cars under the name TrinityRail.

Sundance Arena

If you are looking for fun activities to do with your family, Sundance Arena is a great choice. This multi-use arena hosts events such as Monster Truck races and Bullride Mania. It also serves as a venue for concerts and private functions. To book the arena for your next event, contact Sundance Ranch.

Bullride Mania is held at Sundance Arena on the first Saturday of every month from October to May. Tickets to the rodeo can be purchased at the Agway in Hermitage for a discounted price. The arena is heated, and doors open at 5:30pm.

In addition to rodeos, there are other family-friendly activities and attractions in Hermitage. The area is located near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, which allows travelers to access major cities within a two-hour drive. Throughout the year, families can enjoy outdoor activities and fun at the nearby Shenango River Lake. For golfers, there are four golf courses in the area, as well as plenty of public and private courses in the surrounding area.

Hermitage Arts Festival

Hermitage Pennsylvania hosts a two-day arts and crafts festival every July. This festival highlights local artists, food, fireworks, and more. It’s free and has plenty to do for everyone. Visitors can check out dozens of exhibits, and buy unique gifts or local art from the artists. The festival also hosts a photography masterclass and yoga workshop.

This free festival features more than 40 artists, plus free family activities. There are also live music, scavenger hunts, and food vendors. The festival also features a shuttle that stops at all three satellite parking lots, and then drops attendees off at the museum’s front gate. The shuttle will leave and arrive at various times throughout the day, so plan your trip accordingly.

The Hermitage Greenfield Prize honors an artist who has made an impact on society. It’s an investment in the artist’s future work and a way to celebrate and recognize his or her achievements. The prize also provides a residency at the Hermitage, a producing partner, and production support.

Mercer County’s Victorian Weekend Festival

The Mercer County’s Victorian Weekend Festival offers a variety of events for visitors to the historic town. This event is free and open to the public. The festival is held every year during the second weekend in July. During the festival, local merchants and artisans will display their goods for sale. You’ll be able to choose from baked goods, artisanal cheese, ice cream, and more. There’s also a wide variety of clothing and other products for sale.

Mercer County is located in western Pennsylvania. The county is close to Pennsylvania’s scenic Amish countryside. There are many places to visit and explore, including the historic courthouse and several museums. You’ll also find many outdoor activities and attractions in this small town. The Living Treasures Wild Animal Park has more than 400 animals representing 70 species.

While in Mercer County, visitors can also take in the sights of a state prison. The Eastern State Penitentiary features stone construction, fortress-like archways, and simplistic watchtowers. The town’s Victorian-era buildings still retain their historic charm, but there are plenty of modern amenities to keep you busy.

For visitors with children, one of the top things to do in Mercer County with children is the Keystone Safari’s Drive-Thru. It’s home to local artists and a resident theater group. Also, don’t miss the Freedom Falls, which stands at about 20 feet tall and fifty feet wide. This scenic attraction is a favorite for photographers and offers a variety of photography angles. The colors of green, blue, and brown make it an ideal spot for a photo shoot.

Hermitage’s premier shopping district

If you’re looking for a place to shop for clothing, shoes, and accessories, Hermitage is the place for you. The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t charge sales tax on these items, so you can buy whatever you want for less. Hermitage is located in Mercer County, a growing area with excellent educational opportunities. The area’s real estate market is also strong, making it a great place to live.

There are several ways to get to Hermitage Ave & Peabody St WB. If you’re planning on riding a bus, train, or carpool, you can find routes to and from Hermitage Ave & Peabody Street WB using Moovit. The app is free and can help you navigate through cities with ease. You can even find the best route by using Moovit’s transit schedule.

When you’re looking for the perfect hotel in Hermitage, you’ll find plenty of options. For example, you’ll find The Hermitage Hotel, a historic building with a Michelin-starred restaurant run by world-famous chef Jean-Georges. The Hermitage is also known for being the first five-star hotel in Tennessee.


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