Messenger Bots – Still Possible?

messenger bots

Messenger Bots – Still Possible?

Messenger Bots are all the rage and for good reason. Facebook Messenger Bots are changing the social advertising game today. They’ve revolutionized the advertising game by changing the medium completely. Facebook Messenger Bots are ultimately the driving force behind the massive Messenger effect. But the bots can do so much more than just direct users to sales and advertisements!

Currently, there are four major players in the bot industry: Coginate, Mobile Monkey, MyKarma, and Salesforce. Coginate, the leader in the bot space, claims to have the most functionality out of the four. Currently, it offers: Chat, Group, Video, Offline, and Hybrid apps. With this many functionality, it is no wonder that Coginate is the largest and fastest growing chatbot of them all.

Mobile Monkey is also a popular messenger bots service provider. They currently offer four different services: SMS, MMS, push email and threaded conversations. Like Coginate, they have a very solid client base and a great deal of expertise. Mobile Monkey offers push email, text, and group email, as well as instant message, video and offline functionality.

MyKarma is one of the best known and most complete messenger bots. They have a very large variety of features including: automated leads, lead nurturing, segmentation, integration with lead tracking, ability to track your leads, as well as an entire dashboard section dedicated to showing you your conversion metrics. MyKarma also offers customization and integration possibilities. Unlike many of the other providers, MyKarma provides a full range of possible automation and integration.

A relatively new service that has recently started to gain in popularity is chat Bots. Chat Bots are short, snappy responses to any messages sent through the messenger bots system. In addition to being able to respond to messages, chat Bots can send instant replies to posts on blogs, forums and other web pages as well. With millions of people using messenger bots on a regular basis, there is a good chance this will be a service that continues to grow in popularity for quite some time.

Since Facebook bought Zynga and Facebook chat, it is not surprising to see a similar acquisition happening with Messenger Bot. The first thing that will make users wonder if this is just a clever way for Facebook to gain more control over the social networking landscape is the fact that Zynga is also working on getting into the video game market. This could mean that there is another connection between the two, besides the obvious social networking connections.

After the integration of messenger bots with Facebook, there are now other opportunities for bot stores to be found on Facebook itself. Currently the only place you will find information on the latest Messenger Bots is at the Facebook blog. They state that they are “not ready to share details at this time” however, we can expect to see updates and possibly even news regarding this new feature. The only way to get the information is by going to Facebook and typing the term ” Messenger Bot”, then clicking “Get info”. If you are on Facebook already, then just search for Messenger Bots on the home page, or click on the link below to be taken directly to the Facebook blog.

Bot creation can help create a better communication experience for Facebook users. Messenger Bots are great at taking the human interaction out of the messaging system, while still allowing Facebook users to be as involved as possible in the conversation process. There is no reason why the messaging experience on Facebook should be completely devoid of the use of Bots, which is one of the ways that Facebook can improve their overall experience. By using bots, people will have a chance to communicate with friends, coworkers, and classmates who are actually on Facebook, something that was previously impossible. If you haven’t already created your own bot, now would be a great time to do so!


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