Places to Go in Altheimer, Arkansas

Altheimer, AR is a small town located in Arkansas. You’ll find all sorts of places to visit in Altheimer, from historic plantation houses to shopping opportunities. You can also plan a family trip or invest in a new home in Altheimer.

Activities for children

If you’re planning a vacation with children, you can find plenty of family-friendly activities in Altheimer, Arkansas. One of the town’s main attractions is the Splash Pad in Gamlin Park, which is accessible to people of all abilities. The city also has three parks, including a playground and a lake for fishing. Families can also use the Altheimer Community Center, which offers a full-size gym, weight room, and game room. The public library is also an excellent option for story times.

The community is located on the Union Pacific Railway, about 11 miles northeast of Pine Bluff. However, many residents have expressed concern over the schools in Altheimer. Recently, a community meeting was held to present data and options regarding consolidation. While the committee said that consolidation would improve the area’s educational system, residents felt that it was not in their best interest to give up their small town’s schools.

Families can also try kayaking, boating, and other water sports. The state park also offers almost 100 camping spots and cabin rentals. These activities will keep children of all ages happy. Families can also visit the Arkansas Air & Military Museum, which is full of educational exhibits. The museum also features a WWII aviator training hangar and Vietnam-era Army helicopters.

The Altheimer School District also faced racial discrimination when assigning pupils and faculty to the school. The Altheimer School District had to admit at least 150 students of minority race by fall 1967. However, no white students requested to transfer to Martin. Thus, the school would be overcrowded.

Investing in Arkansas

If you are looking to invest in a smaller town, consider investing in Altheimer, Arkansas. The town has a strong history of business and farming, and the town’s name honors the founder, Ben J. Altheimer, who had a successful career as an attorney in Arkansas. His family’s legacy has survived through the founding of the town, which is located in Jefferson County. The town’s name honors his father and uncle, and his foundation has supported schools within the University of Arkansas system.

Altheimer is located along the Arkansas River Valley and was originally flood-prone forestland. In 1857, a man named Samuel Johnson Jones cleared 500 acres of timberland and moved his family to Altheimer. Jones’ mansion is now on the National Register of Historic Places. His family originally came to the United States from southern Germany, and then continued south to Jackson, Mississippi, where they built their mansion.

Altheimer is a small city located in Jefferson County, and it is about halfway between Pine Bluff and Stuttgart. It was initially founded as a railroad town and was named for the Jewish family who encouraged railroad construction. Over the years, the city has grown into a center for shipping cotton. Altheimer is approximately fourteen miles northeast of Pine Bluff and 16 miles (26 km) northwest of Little Rock.

The local community has many opportunities for investing. The state’s Department of Revenue and Administration (DRA) has allocated funds to support a variety of projects. One such project will upgrade the existing Altheimer wastewater system, impacting approximately 248 families.

Historic plantation houses

Altheimer is home to several historic plantation houses. One of them, the Elms, is a 1+12-story raised Louisiana cottage, a rare architectural style for Arkansas. The house is constructed of wood frame and is set on a raised basement. It was once the home of a wealthy plantation owner, and is a good example of early Arkansas architecture. Today, the home is open to the public for tours and other events.

Altheimer is situated in the Arkansas River Valley and originally consisted of flood-prone forestland. After the Civil War, Samuel Johnson Jones cleared five hundred acres of timberland and settled in Altheimer. He later built a mansion in the area and it is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is named for Louis Altheimer, who immigrated to the United States from southern Germany and continued south to Jackson, Mississippi.

Altheimer is a small town located northeast of Pine Bluff on the Union Pacific Railway. It is easily accessible by road from Humphrey and Pine Bluff. The city of Little Rock is approximately eighty miles to the northwest. Altheimer lies along Flat Bayou, a river that flows north into Wabbaseka Bayou and southeast into the Arkansas River.

If you want to experience the plantation lifestyle in the nineteenth century, the Elms Plantation in Altheimer, Arkansas, is the place to go. It is a historic home that implements the Lousiana Cottage style. This home is now a premier duck hunting lodge and part of the largest woman-owned duck hunting business in the southern United States.

For the history buff, there are several other historic plantation houses in the Altheimer area. Lakeport Plantation was built by the Johnson family in 1859 and is the last remaining Arkansas plantation house on the Mississippi River. It is now a museum and is open to the public for tours.

Shopping options

The community of Altheimer, Arkansas has a small population of under a thousand people. Most residents are middle-aged professionals who own their homes. The average rent in the city is $501 per month. This means that renters can save about $3,100 a year compared to the state average.

Crime rate

Altheimer, AR crime rate is based on the FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement. These numbers may not be completely accurate due to inconsistencies in reporting crime statistics. However, the city has experienced lower crime rates than other communities in the surrounding area. In 2007-2007, there were 31 non-violent crimes and only 4 violent crimes.

The crime rate in Altheimer, AR is low. There is a median home value of $62,500 and a median household income of $33,750. The Altheimer Police Department maintains a crime database and regularly updates this database. The database allows users to search by name or physical characteristics and crime information. The search results include the offender’s personal information, arrest details, and last known location.

The main industries in Altheimer are agriculture and timber. The town is located in the Arkansas Timberlands region, where timber is a major crop. The town’s former public library houses the Altheimer Heritage Museum, which displays exhibits on local history. Another attraction in the town is Julius Altheimer Memorial Park, a 36-acre park with walking trails and a scenic pond.

In Arkansas, crime statistics are based on data reported by law enforcement agencies to the Arkansas Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. These statistics reflect the number of arrests and incidents. However, they do not include information related to prosecution, adjudication, and corrections. Moreover, these data cannot be used to make causal inferences about the causes of crime.


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