Things to Do in Chisago City, Minnesota

Chisago City, Minnesota, is a city located 35 miles northeast of downtown Minneapolis-Saint Paul. The 2010 census estimated its population at 4,967. Despite its location in a suburban area, the town has many activities to offer visitors. The city is home to WhirlyBall, a sport that combines basketball, lacrosse, and bumper cars.

Downtown Chisago City

A quick drive through the scenic countryside of Chisago City, Minnesota is sure to delight your senses. This small town is nestled between the twin lakes of Chisago Lake and Green Lake. The community is easily accessible via U.S. Highway 8, which serves as the city’s main artery. If you’re interested in visiting the area, there are several attractions to consider.

The city’s name comes from the Chippewa word for Chisago Lake. This body of water is located in southeast Minnesota, about twenty miles from the state’s border with Wisconsin. The Chippewa word ‘kichi’ means large and’saga’ means fair. This description of the lake suggests its large size and picturesque nature. It also has a beautiful shoreline, which is fifty miles long and well-timbered with maple trees.

The area has an eclectic mix of businesses and attractions. A historic scout camp, a winery, and a paddleboat on the St. Croix River are just a few of the unique venues available for a wedding. The region is cosmopolitan and is one of the most economically diverse areas in the country. Major companies in banking, agriculture, and technology call Chisago home.

In addition to its historic downtown, Chisago City, Minnesota is home to a cemetery and a public school. It was formerly the county seat for several decades, and included the county court, post office, hotel, and general merchandise store.


WhirlyBall is a lacrosse-style bumper-car game that’s played on a court. The game also features laser tag. It’s located near a full bar and restaurant. You can get your game on while enjoying food and drinks at the same time.

If you’re looking for a fun night out, you should check out WhirlyBall in ChisaGo City, Minnesota. This sports venue has three whirlyball courts and a laser-tag arena. You can also enjoy an award-winning chef’s cuisine and 2 full bars. The facility will also soon have pool tables and darts.

The WhirlyBall court is an exciting place for families and kids of all ages. Featuring a mix of lacrosse, basketball, and lacrosse, WhirlyBall is a unique game of chance and skill. The WhirlyBall restaurant also offers a chef-driven menu and special events that are sure to keep everyone entertained.

Barber shops

In Chisago City, Minnesota, barber shops provide hair styling services to local residents. These establishments are required to have a licensed barber on staff. When you open your shop, you’ll also need to decide whether to hire employees or independent contractors. You’ll also need to figure out how to handle your barbershop’s taxes. An accountant can help you with these details.

WhirlyBall combines basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and bumper cars

WhirlyBall is a fun team sport that mixes basketball, lacrosse, and bumper cars. Players race around a four thousand square foot court on bumper cars while tossing a whiffle ball to their team mates. Players then attempt to shoot the whiffle ball into a target located in the center of the goal. This game is both fast and exciting, with equal opportunity for all players.

Games are short, with each game lasting about 10 minutes. The facility is also a popular place for birthday parties and corporate events. There are even leagues for adults to play. One of the leagues takes place on Monday nights from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The Lombard location hosts about 35 players in a weekly league. On average, 14 games are played each night.

WhirlyBall is not for the faint of heart. The game is similar to bumper car, but with a bumper car and Wham-O Trac Ball scoop, instead of a lacrosse court. A minimum of four players is required to play.

Despite its name, WhirlyBall is a competitive sport, which requires players to be at least four feet six inches tall. The competition can be at the local, regional, and even international level.

Community celebrations

If you are planning a trip to Chisago City, Minnesota, there are many great community celebrations you can attend. The Ki-Chi-Saga Days festival is an excellent example of one. It will take place from Thursday, August 18 to Sunday, August 21 and includes a variety of events. During this event, you can enjoy free concerts, a craft fair, a movie night, and fireworks.

The Lindstrom Tree Lighting Festival is a family-friendly event held in Memorial Park. There is music and activities, including a picture with Santa. The festival also features a bonfire and hot chocolate. You can also enjoy ice fishing competitions. The Chisago Lakes Chamber of Commerce also hosts events during the year.

Unique venues

The Chisago Lakes area offers a number of unique venues for your special event. From lakeside parks with scenic views to barn dances, the Chisago Lakes area has something for all types of celebrations. Some venues can accommodate up to 150 guests, while others have accommodations for more than 200 people.


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