Types of Chat Bot Software

A chatbot is an artificially intelligent software program used to carry out an on-line chat discussion through text or voice-to-voice, rather than giving direct human contact with another human agent. The chatbot can be accessed through the chat programs installed into many web browsers. A chatbot may also be integrated into a website chat system, such as Yahoo! Messenger or MSN chat. In this case, the chat bot interacts with the website, using its on-screen user interface, and responds to chat messages sent to it.

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Fresh Chat Bot is one such chat bot that allows its users to chat in real time over the Internet. It works by having the chat conversations automatically posted onto a third-party website called Fresh Chat. This website keeps track of all chat conversations that have been typed into its chatbox. After a while, the chat bot copies itself into a fresh chat session, to take up where the last chat session left off.

The terminus robot is another artificially intelligent chat bot that is gaining a lot of popularity. The terminus is a program, which automatically starts or ends conversations, as well as enters text messages into an on-screen chat box. The terminus also checks the presence of other chat Bots. Many of the chat Bots use the terminus to search for conversations on their own; however, this sometimes causes the terminus to become confused, and fail to recognize another chat bot that is using the same on-screen user interface, and ends up confusing both the chat bot and the user. In order to resolve this problem, the chat provider has provided the service of a third-party firm to manage and operate the terminus, allowing each chat bot to select which bot to activate, eliminating confusion amongst chat Bots. Chat provider websites are able to monetize this service, and make money from the different advertising displays placed on the user’s chat window.

Another popular artificial intelligence chatbot, used by many chat providers, is the teleseminar chatbot. This bot directs chat conversations towards specific keywords that the customer must enter into a search box, in order to locate the information they are looking for. This bot uses customer service chat protocols, and conducts a customer service inquiry based on the keywords entered, before delivering direct answers to the customer. This chatbot has the potential to generate a large number of sales leads for any business; however, it can be quite frustrating if the customer service inquiry directs the visitor to a different website. Many teleseminars also have a “cast” feature, where live voice calls can be placed onto the chat window, where the customer can get a more personal chat with a representative.

Another example of an advanced chatbot, is the MLQR chatbot. This chat bot, is capable of generating a large number of MLQR leads for any website, and has even been known to generate thousands of leads in a single day. These leads can then be sent directly to a sales team, which can drastically increase the website traffic of any website. Using these chat bots effectively will be the best way for any website to get those extra sales that will put it above competitors.

Chat bots are also being used by companies that may have questions that need to be answered on their website. Using this type of chat bot platform, the questions asked to the bot are customized, and can lead to the user to an exact answer. For instance, using the yahooanswersubmit bot, when a user types in a question, there will be several alternatives that are shown, and one of them will be the most common answer that the chatbot searches for. This way, the user doesn’t have to try to find a specific answer on their own, and the chat bot saves them time.

The last type of chat bot platform that we are going to discuss, is the one that integrates with auto-responder services. Some examples of these services include Aweber, Getresponse and lastminute. These providers will allow the chat bot to follow up on leads that are sent through auto-responders. When a user sends in their zip code, the chatbot will use the zip code as a trigger to contact them through an email, or even a phone call.

These are the main types of chat bot solutions, and each one is capable of generating tens of thousands of leads for any website. In order to take advantage of all of the leads that can be generated through these chat bots, however, you’ll need to have a chat bot that is good enough. Not only should it be able to generate enough leads, but it should also be able to do so in a timely manner. Luckily, you don’t need to search too hard, because there are plenty of quality chat bots that are good enough for any online business. Simply make sure that you are getting your money’s worth from whatever service you are using.


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